How to create a cheaper marketing item for your company or brand with a ROI

Do you need affordable promotional items for your company or brand? We have a tip that may help you. Have you ever thought of using koozies for promotional items? these are great, cheap, and if you have a good logo a lot goes a long way. We have done tons of these for clients. But what we do is add a promo or discount code to the bottom of both sides of the kooze. It’s not an additional charge we screen print the koozies on each side all at once and BAM!! you’re done.

The opportunity that 1 koozie can bring you is astonishing. Again having a good design is also just as important. Think about this…. If the logo isn’t very good, who is going to want to use the koozie in the first place? Think about how often people steal a cool-looking koozie from a friend (we have heard this more times than I can count lol) that koozie is always getting passed around, and with that more eyeballs on that discount code. If 1 person sees that koozie and goes to your website we consider that a win! You never know where that one click will lead to. Maybe a sale, maybe a new social media follower, maybe an email or SMS subscriber, the list goes on.

Below you can see a rough process of images on how we do it. If you are in the market ya know who to hit up 😁

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