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We have been screen printing Artisan Glass and Design work shirts for many years now. We helped them re-create the original florescent colored logo they created in the 80's and continued printing them the way they originally were back then.


Artisan Glass and Design Girls Tees
Artisan Glass and Design Men's Tees
Artisan Glass and Design Women's Tees

This shirt is a 5 ink color screen print. Left chest, and big on back. Ink colors used:

Florescent Red (looks pink)
Light Blue
• Black
Medium Grey
Navy Blue

Screen Printing Screen Florescent Inks

Artisan also needed some bright safety orange tees to provide to their employees while out in field/public. Safety orange is the new must-have when it comes to any sort of on-site construction project. This shirt color provides instant visibility to the crew and others to be able to visually see all employees at any given time. It also helps distinguish employees from other random people.

Safety Orange Men's T-Shirts

construction shirts in safety orange.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our work and spotlight on this company. If you are looking for a good screen printer who does quality work. Please view our work gallery and contact us today for your free quote.